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File Upload 1/31/2019

"Road to WEC" Team Profile: Ascension

Written by Colter Hawks 1/31/2019 Midwest eSports is happy to announce that Team Ascension has joined the fight in our $20,000 League of Legends tournament at WEC2019! They are the only team in the tournament who has competed at every Wichita eSports Convention and they return again to test their mettle and strive to reach the grand prize. The team rebranded under the name Sloth eSports for a few years but reverted back to Team Ascension. An organization also known for its esports presence in StarCraft. We’re in for some exciting games from this team. Catch it all at WEC2019! The roster that is competing as follows: Alan "Sacredstrike" Wang David "MeGayBear" Nguyen Theo "TheOtaku" Wan Jim "Jeem" Hyunh Kevin "Trell" Wong (Sub) Zach "Mazui" Ng