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File Upload 2/1/2019

"Road to WEC" Team Profile: Mingos

Written by Colter Hawks 2/1/2019 Midwest eSports is Happy to announce that Mingos has joined the fight in our $20,000 League of Legends tournament. Mingos is a team that was put together specifically for WEC2019. Their Top and Mid lane players, Steven ‘N0T A C0P’ Hammersky and Luke ‘DiceyFox’ Hanson, both play soccer together and got the idea of entering the tournament. The only thing stopping them was they didn’t have a team, so they reached out to their friend, Nick ‘Jaeger01’ Lockwood, who plays support to see if he would be interested. He was on board, so now the team needed to find its jungler and carry. Jaeger contacted his friend, Alex ‘Liftheavyboii’ Aesir, who was a jungler and asked if he would want to join in. Lift didn't need any convincing so now they were four strong. Although it was a challenge to find their carry, they finally found them with Fred ‘B00TYCLAP’ Stetler, who Jaeger went to highschool with. It’s always exciting when we see teams like this show up for events and test their mettle against organized organizations. Mingos joined for fun, but could they pull off a cinderella story? Find out at WEC2019! The roster that is competing as follows: Steven ‘N0T A C0P’ Hammersky - Top Lane Alex ‘Liftheavyboii’ Aesir - Jungle Luke ‘DiceyFox’ Hanson - Mid Lane Fred ‘B00TYCLAP’ Stetler - Carry Nick ‘Jaeger01’ Lockwood Stay tuned for more profiles leading up to WEC, which takes place February 1st - 3rd.