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File Upload 2/1/2019

KAKE News Interviews Midwest eSports

Written by Colter Hawks 1 February 2019 Earlier this week our CEO Ramsey and our Event Coordinator and Lead Productions, David, got to sit down with KAKE News to talk about the Wichita eSports Convention and Midwest eSports. Full interview here - http://www.kake.com/clip/14747990/wichita-e-sports-convention Ramsey and David discussed the expected attendance at this year’s event. We expect to see over 700 attendees and hope to break a thousand. The fifth annual Wichita eSports Convention will be held at the Experiential Engineering Building on Wichita State University’s campus from February 1st - 3rd. Midwest eSports is proud to be partnering up with Koch Industries, High Touch Technologies and NetApp to put on this event. They were asked what people might not expect, that is going on at the convention? David explained that there are many things attendees can get involved with such as VR experience playing games such as Beat Saber, and there is also the ICT Game Jam which invites developers in the Wichita area to come out and create a game during the event. There is also free-play stations for PC and console gaming as well as vendors, a cosplay contest and more. Ramsey touched on some other exciting news. This year Midwest eSports is taking part in a high school esports conference, where we will have the opportunity to talk to high school students about esports and how to grow it within their schools. We also will be providing them with information on how to obtain scholarships for esports with respective universities who offer a varsity esport program. The Wichita eSports Convention is a great opportunity for parents and kids to come out and learn more about the video game industry and esports. Panelists, Dr. Kristy Custer and Michael Russell will talk about how they’ve grown the video game and esports community within their own high school along with other great information to help you get a good grasp on what esports can do for your child. We hope to see you at WEC2019!