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File Upload 2/28/2019

Midwest eSports Presents! OSU Gaming Festival 2019

Written by Colter Hawks 2/28/2019 OSU students, faculty and all gamers, if you’re looking for something to do on Friday, March 8th, stop by The OSU Gaming Festival, powered by Koch Industries. It’s Free to get in! If you like video games and are interested in eSports come check it out. The event will be held at the ConcoPhillips Alumni Center on the Oklahoma State University Campus. This event isn’t just for OSU students, it’s open to everyone, so if you live in Stillwater or somewhere nearby, come poke your head in and see what the buzz is about. Did I mention it’s free entry? You literally have no excuse not to go. The OSU Gaming Festival will include Free-Play stations for both PC and consoles including PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. There will also be tournaments for various fighting games such as Smash Bros. Ultimate, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Street Fighter V and more. These tournaments will cost you $10 to enter and each entry builds the prize pool. For a chance to win some money come compete in one of our tournaments. The event also features our Fortnite Challenge. The entry fee to compete is $5 for 3 lives. For each $5 entry, $3 will go towards the prize pool. For more information on tournament rules and early tournament registration, check out our events page on our website. There will also be an Overwatch showcase which will be free to sign up for. Jump in with a team of your friends or link up with new faces and make some friends. The Overwatch showcase simulates a semi-pro tournament format to give players an idea what it’s like to compete at one of our high-stakes events, and it’s free. Woah, more free entry! Again, if you don’t have a desire to compete in a tournament, we do have free-play areas for anyone to jump on to play some games. If you want to learn more about eSports in general or about Midwest eSports, ask any of our staff on site or contact us online. And don’t forget this event is free to go to. Come out and have a good time playing some games and test your skill to win some money! For additional Information on the event follow the link below. midwestesports.com/osugamefest