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File Upload 3/12/2019

Midwest eSports at Planet Comicon KC

Written by Colter Hawks 3/12/2019 It’s that time of the year again and Planet Comicon KC is right around the corner! Planet Comicon Kansas City is the largest and longest-running Comic book/pop culture event, and this year PCKC celebrates 20 years in 2019. I’m really excited to attend this event. This year for the first time PCKC is adding an eSports element to their Planet Entertainment Zone, powered by us here at Midwest eSports. The Entertainment Zone will feature tournaments and free-play areas. This year the tournaments are in cooperation with the National Association of College Esports (NACE) and the High School Esports League to create, “Cataclysm: A Battle for Total Planet Domination.” Wait am I playing World of Warcraft right now? Bad jokes aside, no, but this event features a $20,000 prize pool across multiple tournaments for League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch and a variety of fighting games; Woah! You can sign up for these tournaments in advance leading up to the convention. You can do that and find additional information at www.midwestesports.com. The Planet Esports Arena features a lot of other cool things to do, such as checking out the panels featuring three Overwatch voice actors. The panel includes Josh Petersdorf (Roadhog), Chloe Hollings (Widowmaker) and Lucie Pohl (Mercy). Looks like a pretty stacked lineup, and that has nothing to do with the fact that I play a lot of Mercy and Roadhog. Planet Comicon takes place March 29-31 at Bartle Hall, Kansas City, Missouri. For tickets and more information about all the other exciting and fun things to do at PCKC, visit their website at www.planetcomicon.com. Come see us in the Planet Entertainment Zone and test your mettle in some tournaments! Have a great time and win some money! 1v1 me in Smash Bros. Ultimate. You’ll probably win, but I’ll make it scrappy.