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File Upload 3/22/2019

I Love the Division 2

Written by Colter Hawks 3/19/2019 For the past week and a half I’ve delved deep into Ubisoft and Massive’s new looter shooter, Tom Clancy’s: The Division 2, and I’m having a great time. Compared to the first installment, the game feels more alive and has more to offer already on release than the first game had in its first year. The game is no stranger to bugs, but most are not game-breaking and the more major ones, Massive works quickly on to fix. The Division 2 has the potential to be the best looter shooter on the market and following the rough launch for BioWare’s Anthem, it stands out even more as a success. I hit level 30 a few days ago and it was one of the most enjoyable leveling sessions I’ve had in a game in a very long time. What The Division 2 does right is it gives you “too much” to do. That’s a great aspect to have while leveling. Nothing feels streamlined and linear. The player is given the freedom to run around Washington D.C. as they please, minding they don’t run into a higher level area. There are a lot more puzzles in the game. You may find yourself stumped for a bit trying to figure out how to reach that one SHD cache. The missions are well designed too and a lot of fun; it’s very interesting to run through all these historical places and see them in game. The bugs I experienced were few and far between, and as I stated already, Massive works hard to rectify them. During the first week unfortunately there was an issue when you use certain skill abilities where once you activate it, after a few seconds the skill essentially disappears and goes on cooldown. Using skills a huge part of the Division and denying that use makes the game much more difficult, especially against the new and improved AI. Luckily Massive had this fixed at the weekly reset. I recently unlocked the specializations and after some consideration I decided to focus on the Demolitionist first. You are able to switch between the three available freely which is great if you don’t like what you choose first. Each specialization comes with their own unique weapon. There is the Demolitionist who gets a grenade launcher, the Survivalist who gets an explosive tip crossbow and the Sharpshooter who has the barrett 50. Cal. all have their own skill trees which unlock new perks and granting a special grenade and main skill variant. All of this is going to help you fight the Black Tusk and reclaim Washington D.C More Info on my experience with The Division 2 to come, stay tuned!