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File Upload 3/22/2019

The Hawks Squawks: My Love/Hate Relationship with Apex Legends

Written by Colter Hawks To hot drop, or not to hot drop? That is the question you always ask yourself in this game. Hot dropping, for those who are unfamiliar with the term, means that you drop in on the area of the map that has been designated for that game where a lot of really good loot is located. Choosing to do so is high risk and high reward. If you drop hot and win the fight, you have access to enough loot to keep you set for the game. On the other hand, you may die within a few seconds after doing so, because a high amount of players will drop in as well. It is more fun I guess because you immediately are fighting. This isn’t why I have a love/hate relationship with the game though. It’s not the split of surviving or dying in the hot zone, all of that in fact is part of my love for the game. My frustrations come from the side of my teammates and hackers. I’m well aware that hackers are in every game, and they’re always despicable. What’s super annoying is that Respawn has neglected to add a report button while spectating. Currently you can only report the player that killed you, but that’s not always hacker who gets the last shot on you. Just the other day I was playing a match with a friend of mine when we came up on another team. Their Gibraltar turned around and landed all headshots on my friend and our other teammate. He got a lot of headshots on me as I jumped around a corner, but his teammate was the one that ended up getting me. I went in to spectate their team and while I was on the Gibraltar I could see the twitchiness in his aim, how it would snap to an enemy the moment they came into view and the gun had zero recoil. I was annoyed at first but even got angry when I realized there was no way to report him while I was spectating him. The player’s name was even, WhatIsAntiCheat. It feels bad when Respawn won’t provide the tools to help players improve the game. My teammates are a whole other issue. And I’m not calling out every player on this game. I’m specifically targeting those who do one very minor but increasingly annoying action. My public service announcement would be this: STOP LEAVING THE MATCH IMMEDIATELY AFTER DYING! I’m sure we’ve all had to deal with this. Your teammate dies and the moment you get over to their body, you realize, they’ve left the match. Really, you’re going to do this?! I traversed this battlefield, went full metal jacket on a group of plebs just to be treated this way? My effort has been for not many times. Why is this so frustrating? No matter of little of contribution a teammate might have, an extra gun, an extra body changes the dynamic of a fight a lot. Most of the time, unless you’re someone like Shroud, you’re going to lose a 2v3 fight. Leaving the match before your squad has died or your respawn timer runs out means you have damned your teammates. Now some of you s**t lords are thinking, “get good,” and you’re not entirely wrong. You can win a 2v3 and some do it easier than others, but the majority of players aren’t that good, I won’t pretend to be. However even the pro’s have problems when they get blind-sided. The only reason I get so frustrated by this, is because I do really love this game. There are so many great things it has to offer and it does have the potential to dethrone Fortnite, but Respawn and the community have to figure out a way to reduce this behavior. There needs to be easier ways to report cheaters and maybe there needs to be a penalty if you leave a match before your respawn timer is up. Perhaps if you leave the match within the first five minutes you get penalized, because that’s when the majority of leaving happens. It makes the game less enjoyable for those of us who are tryhards and want to win each game, despite the odds. Please, everyone who plays and enjoys this game, stop leaving on death, you’d be surprised how many comebacks I’ve had when we’ve died, respawned and ended up winning the match. See you in King’s Canyon, Legends. Question - What are your love/hate experiences with Apex Legends? #LoveHateApex Twitter - @The_plaTpus