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File Upload 1/10/2019

"Road to WEC" Team Profile: Polar Ace

Written by Colter Hawks 09 January 2019 Road to WEC is a series of short articles that will cover various profiles and information leading up to the Wichita eSports Convention (WEC) 2019. Midwest eSports is happy to announce that Polar Ace will be competing in the $20,000 League of Legends tournament. The organization first formed in 2016 and since then have been building a roster that can climb the ranks in League of Legends esports. Since June of 2018, Polar Ace competed in eight tournaments, finishing in the top three at 7 of them and placing 1st in five. Their biggest accomplishment to date would be taking 1st place in the Tyler1 Championship Series which had a grand prize of $50,000. Polar Ace definitely made a name for themselves in 2018 and will look to carry on that success into 2019. The team’s roster has gone through many changes in the past year, but the current roster line up is as followed: Cuong ‘Aetheres’ Ta (Top Lane), Nathan ‘OddOrange’ Ryan (Jungler), Jackson ‘Evolved’ Dohan (Mid Lane), Robert ‘Jurassiq’ Mabansag (Bot Lane Carry) and Olivier ‘Winter’ Lapointe (Support). This roster is being led by the coaches of Michael ‘Coach Mike’ Athanacio and Samuel ‘Luciaen’ Bourcier. Stay tuned for more profiles leading up to WEC, which takes place February 1st - 3rd.