Unified Esports Association: About Us

Unifying Aspiring Champions Through Virtual and Onsite Competitions

From its humble beginning as a collective of university students with a passion to create something more, the lifeblood of the company has always been community. The foundation that paved the way for what you know as Unified today consists of countless volunteer hours, hard work and joyful comradery among dozens of people. The founders of the company believed that the video game community needed a platform to give more players an opportunity to compete in a structured environment that also includes a little bit of everything they love. That passion has endured and grown tenfold as Unified is now providing that platform to players all over North America through an umbrella of products, software, and services. The rebrand to Unified signifies a joint mission between three of the most successful esports organizers and production companies from the amateur scene over the last five years: Midwest Esports, Challengers Uprising, and Upsurge Esports. These grassroots organizations came together with a goal to empower aspiring champions and support the esports ecosystem by providing high quality professional services in the fields of production, competition, events, and scholastic.

Together, Unified and partners have built a pipeline for growth that reaches from youth and hobbyist players to semi-professionals. They bring players together in structured, tiered competitions across collegiate and amateur virtual leagues, and provide a physical tournament experience catered to both esports enthusiasts and casual gamers alike. As a leading tournament organizer for North America, for the world’s largest esports, Unified continues to give gamers unique opportunities and social experiences.

Looking to get involved? View a list of our upcoming competitions here, or send us a message to learn more about partnership or employment opportunities.